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Corner Club


The Corner Club was established in 1987 when Christ Church United Reformed Church and Benton Methodist Church explored new ways of serving the community. Our ministers were Jane Mortimer (neé Dawson) and Andrew Foster and they liaised with Barnardos, who advised that the greatest local need was to have social activities for adults with learning difficulties, as these individuals are often a very isolated group in the community.

Our first discussions in 1986 were followed by a number of training sessions by Barnardos and we eventually got started in January 1987. Christ Church was chosen as the venue because there was better wheelchair access than at Benton and so we began an unbelievable journey together. Volunteers came from both churches over the years and it is lovely that we are now all together in St. Andrew’s and have attracted a number of volunteers from the wider community.

We average around 25 members, 10 volunteers/organisers and 4 bus and car drivers, although the numbers vary from time to time. As well as the surrounding boroughs our members come from Wallsend and Whitley Bay, and have a variety of learning and physical disabilities. All the members love their club and its activities: some have been with the club since the very beginning. We still transport a number of members to and from the club by borrowing from North Tyneside Council’s transport division a minibus which they give us free of charge.

One club night we asked all the members what it was they liked so much about the club. Here are a few examples of their comments.

“I like making new friends.” “It’s nice to get out of the house and be with people.” “I love the games and competitions.” “I love the craft sessions and making calendars and cards.” “I have made a lot of friends here and like to be with them.” Most members said they also loved the snooker, outings, day trips, games and competitions, barbecues and many more things that seem to please all concerned. 

We thank God that we are privileged to have found a way to share fellowship with each other in a very special way.            Moira Simpson

Congratulations to the Corner Club volunteers who have been awarded a silver commendation award by North Tyneside Council in recognition of their long term commitment to the Club.