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The church worship area


Size and Capacity

The Worship Area is on the ground floor and is approx. 40 ft long and 33 ft wide.   It has a carpeted floor with a raised dais 12 ft by 9 ft and 6 inches high at the west end. It is furnished with upholstered wooden framed chairs, about a third of them having arms.


Its primary use is for church services, including weddings and funerals, but is also used by a singing group for rehearsals and for lectures and concerts. 


Music in the Worship Area can be provided by a two-manual digital electronic Wyvern Minuet organ.  

Alternatively music may be provided by an electronic piano or through a sound system.

There are a digital projector and camera mounted in the ceiling and a large drop-down screen on the west wall.  There is also a sound system with microphone facilities and an induction loop.

The proceedings in the Worship Area may be relayed through the audio-visual system to screens and loudspeakers in the Foyer, the Community Hall, the Liddell Hall, the Plaice, the Ark and the Vestry.

There is easy access from the neighbouring foyer and entrance lobby through four sets of double doors.  The foyer itself has a few chairs for those waiting for events to start or finish as well as being the way from the main entrance to the rest of the building.

To book this facility, please contact Mr. Peter Martin, telephone 0191 266 1030.



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