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God's Unlimited Healing Power

While I was sitting praying with the Prayer Group on Tuesday morning, I got . . . not exactly a vision . . . a picture. It was as if all the healing power of God was in this vast reservoir, behind a dam, just ready to be released into the world; and each time one of us prayed, or a doctor discovered a new treatment, or did an operation, or a nurse helped a sick person, a tiny hole appeared in the dam and a little stream of healing was released. The only trouble was that other people were stopping the streams of healing - with acts of violence, or spoiling a healing organisation, cutting off funding, etc.

Sometimes, when we pray for healing, it's as if we believe that it's a finite resource and we've got to somehow get our share. We make the mistake of thinking that if the healing we pray for doesn't happen, it's because there isn't enough healing available, or that God doesn't want to give it to us.

My picture reminded me that God's healing is an infinite resource, and he wants every one of his children to share in it. We just need to find ways to 'tap' into it.

Peter Rand